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At CyberDegrees.org, we provide the most accurate, up-to-date information surrounding technological security training and careers. Readers can find details and rankings of the field’s best schools and programs, along with career and educational guides and links to helpful professional resources.

Our team scours through the most reputable sources and data and relays that information to readers in accessible formats. We clearly outline our methodologies to ensure that aspiring students understand what goes into our rankings and lists so they can get the most from them.

We set out to help readers identify which aspects of the technology field best suit them, along with which careers and programs line up with their personalities, strengths, and interests. By providing learners with the most detailed information available, we hope to encourage promising candidates to take advantage of this rapidly growing field.

Our mission is to help prospective students align their technology career goals with their educational paths, preparing them to enter this fast-growing industry and help evolve technological security.

What We Do

In an effort to give aspiring cyber professionals comprehensive support, we offer information on everything from academic programs and resources to career guides and pathways. We create detailed rankings on the best colleges, programs, and careers in the country, highlighting which aspects of each would appeal to prospective students.

Throughout our website, readers can find information on a variety of cyber-focused degrees, certifications, and training programs. Our rankings sort the best programs by location and degree type. We also highlight a range of training courses and programs to complement technology training.

Since career planning can never start too early, our team lays out many of the possible educational pathways. We explore where each path might lead professionally and how students can maximize these routes to meet their career goals. Our career guides may also help learners match their skills and educational interests to a profession or industry.

Much of our work focuses on helping aspiring cybersecurity professionals locate and access their ideal careers. Our guides support prospective, current, and former students, providing detailed information on various fields and professions in the technology industry. This information includes salary potential and projected career trends. We also explore common educational requirements for those careers.

In addition to information for traditional students, we provide resources for current professionals seeking career changes or developments. For these readers, we offer resources aimed at continuing education and professional training designed for working people. These guides can help even the most experienced professionals find appropriate pathways for their careers.

How We Work

To provide accurate degree and career information, we rely strictly on reliable data. Our specialized publishing team works with information provided by the most reputable government and industry sources and follows a transparent methodology to ensure that the resources and rankings we provide hold the utmost value for prospective students.

For data pertaining to degree types and accreditation, we rely on the information provided by the National Center for Education Statistics and the U.S. Department of Education, ensuring our guides and rankings feature publicly available data. For career guides, salary projections, job growth, and industry trends and forecasts, we use information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

We also collaborate with industry experts, current students, and recent graduates to gather reliable, representative information. This allows us to paint a realistic picture of programs, campuses, and job sites for prospective students and professionals. For program details, we typically work from the information and resources provided by each department and school.

Our team also utilizes modern technologies, such as big data and machine learning, to identify the most useful and valuable trends for readers. This allows us to pinpoint current and future professional opportunities and possible areas of growth. We provide substantial evidence of our findings, plus additional sources and links, so readers can verify the data themselves.

Readers can easily find the data informing our guides on their own, but our specialized team performs in-depth research, distills the information, and translates it into concise, accessible formats. We seek to provide our readers with a central hub for quick and easy access to information on cyber degrees, careers, and resources.

Why We Focus on Education

We often focus on careers and industries in the technology world, but our overarching purpose is to help people find the appropriate educational paths to satisfy their career goals. With so many technology-related program and degree options leading to careers in cybersecurity and related fields, we strive to help readers connect with the best programs for their specific interests and goals. By highlighting degree specifics, like curricula, concentrations, and delivery methods, we hope to help prospective students make the most informed decisions and choose appropriate educational pathways.

We provide this level of information to place power in prospective students’ hands. Learners can plan for their education with specific careers in mind, taking the right courses, concentrations, and internships to get where they want to go. We aim to help people realize their full potential, assisting students in carving their paths to the technology field.

In turn, this also helps the technology and cybersecurity industry. We provide aspiring professionals with the information and resources to start and advance their technical careers, and the industry improves with an influx of talented, dedicated, well-trained professionals.

In addition to guiding prospective students to their optimal career paths, we strive to help increase their economic mobility in the cybersecurity and technology fields. We provide readers with a wealth of information about their options, opportunities, and career potential in hopes of encouraging more people to develop their careers through higher education.

Meet Our Contributors

kathleen swed

Kathleen Swed

Kathleen Swed is a full-time writer living in New York’s Capital Region. She holds an MFA with a concentration in fiction from Pacific University as well as degrees in music from the University of Maine and Ithaca College. She is the author of several science fiction series, which she writes under the name of Kate Sheeran Swed.

Melissa Sartore

Melissa Sartore holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her BA and MA in history are from Western Illinois University. A medievalist by training, she has published on outlawry in medieval England with additional publications on outlaws in popular culture and across geographic and historical boundaries. She also writes for several online outlets, notably Ranker.com, and provides her own sarcastic take on historical events at History According to Snark.

Doug Wintemute

Doug Wintemute

Doug Wintemute is a Toronto-based freelance writer with professional writing interests in higher learning and entertainment. He completed his BA and MA in English at York University, graduating summa cum laude and earning academic merit, research, and writing awards at both levels. Since 2014, he has contributed content and editorial work for award-winning digital trade publications, global SEO copywriting projects, and popular online brands. Contact him on LinkedIn.

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Are you ready to find a school that's aligned with your interests?

Find the right education path to take advantage of this fast-growing industry and join the front-lines on technology and security.