Cybersecurity Programs in New Mexico


Updated April 10, 2023

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Albuquerque, New Mexico on cloudy day Credit: DenisTangneyJr / E+ / Getty Images

New Mexico has one of the richest histories and most diverse populations in the nation. The state also plays a significant role in our national security.

The White Sands Missile Range, the Air Force Research Laboratory at Kirtland Air Force Base, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories all contribute to the U.S. defenses.

Along with the critical information held here, the state houses substantial cybersecurity research and development. As a result, New Mexico appeals to many aspiring students and professionals in this field.

On this page, we overview the state of cybersecurity in New Mexico. Discover what educational and professional options you have, and what state-specific considerations to keep in mind.

New Mexico at a Glance

Mean Wage for Computer and Mathematical Occupations


% of Workforce in Tech


Economic Impact of Tech Industry

$5 billion

Number of Higher Learning Institutions


Sources: Cyberstates™, NCES, OEWS

Why Go to College for Cybersecurity in New Mexico?

Cybersecurity students in New Mexico have access to a dynamic professional landscape. A global research and development leader, the state has the highest non-industry investment in research and development and the second highest investment in high-tech jobs.

New Mexico also has one of the higher concentrations of cybersecurity-related careers, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Yet, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), just over 110,000 postsecondary students were enrolled in New Mexico in 2020, the 12th-fewest in the country.

To stimulate industry growth and interest, the New Mexico Economic Development Department identified cybersecurity as one of nine target industries that deserve state support.

At the postsecondary level, several organizations created partnership pathways with state schools and cybersecurity programs, including Sandia National Laboratories and the National Security Agency.

New Mexico also offers improved study flexibility and access to students, such as low average tuition rates. Many schools have adopted online learning to overcome the state's incredibly large land mass and low-density population.

These efforts encourage more residents to choose the diverse cybersecurity programs in New Mexico and capitalize on the in-state career opportunities.

Education Statistics for New Mexico

New Mexico students have nearly 40 colleges and universities to choose from. Many feature online learning options, which more than two-thirds of students take.

Higher Education Statistics New Mexico Data National Data

Four-Year Colleges



Two-Year Colleges



Students Enrolled in Distance Education



Sources: NCES

Accreditation for New Mexico Schools

To access federal financial aid, schools need institutional accreditation from an organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Furthermore, many certification and licensing board accept degrees only from accredited schools. Most New Mexico schools hold accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

Programmatic accreditation works in a similar way. Approved organizations recognize the programs that meet their industry's quality standards. Programmatic accreditation may be required for certification, licensure, or employment in certain regulated fields.

While not mandatory in the cybersecurity industry, some schools and programs have ABET accreditation.

Considerations for a Cybersecurity Degree in New Mexico

While many future students focus on things like program cost and length, students need to consider the type of education and career they want.

Degree-seekers can start by identifying their learning needs and finding schools that accommodate them.

Working professionals may need more flexible online studies, whereas students seeking classroom engagement might prefer on-campus or hybrid programs.

By pinpointing their career goals, prospective students can figure out which specialization or degree level they need.

Aspiring cybersecurity professionals should look at the schools that have faculties, facilities, and professional networks dedicated to the field.

Explore rankings for top cybersecurity programs around the country

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HBCUs With the Best Cybersecurity Programs

Cybersecurity Concentrations and Similar Degrees

Students may find various programs and concentrations related to cybersecurity.

The following examples spotlight a few of the options available that could lead to unique career opportunities in New Mexico.

Global and National Security

Global and national security programs explore security policies, modern threats, and solutions. New Mexico students in this program have the privilege to learn about issues specific to the state's military organizations.

Information Systems and Assurance

Information assurance programs teach students to protect information using various security methods and technologies. The studies prepare graduates to work with various government organizations and labs, including those in New Mexico that specialize in information defense.

Network Security

Network security programs focus on developing and safeguarding network technologies. In New Mexico, these programs lead to professional certifications desired by state employers. They can also acquire apprenticeships within these organizations.

Paying for Your Cybersecurity Degree

New Mexico offers tuition rates below the national average for most student types, including two-year, four-year, private, public, and out-of-state learners. Still, paying for a degree presents challenges for many.

Along with scholarships and federal grants and loans, New Mexico students enjoy access to state funding programs, such as the opportunity and incentive grants.

Degree-seekers may also qualify for employer assistance programs, work-study jobs, and fellowships.

Online degrees can offer their own unique financial support, such as decreased travel costs. Some online programs also offer accelerated paths that reduce the time spent in school.

In-State Versus Out-of-State Tuition

In New Mexico, out-of-state learners pay about three times as much in tuition as in-state students. While state funding helps reduce tuition rates for residents, many schools also incentivize a local education to retain homegrown talent.

As a member of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, New Mexico offers tuition breaks to students from other member states. This reciprocity agreement also gives New Mexico students tuition discounts at out-of-state member schools.

New Mexico's Cost of Living

Cost of living can significantly add to education costs. The World Population Review measures and tracks state costs for food, housing, transportation, and utilities with an index score. New Mexico has one of the lowest indexes in the country at 91, below the national baseline of 100.

Careers for Cybersecurity Graduates in New Mexico

According to McKinsey & Company, global spending on cybersecurity increased more than 12% in 2021, exceeding $150 billion.

Still, this might not be enough to defend against the onslaught of cyberthreats. At current growth rates, cyberattack damage could surpass the $10 trillion mark by 2025.

Home to three national laboratories and several military installations, New Mexico has highly sensitive data that needs protecting.

According to the BLS, only four states and D.C. have a higher concentration of information security analysts. New Mexico also pays some of the highest average annual wages to professionals in this field.

Since 2021, however, New Mexico has sustained cyberattacks to several government agencies, hospitals, and its public education system.

In response, the state introduced a Cybersecurity Planning Committee to develop new infrastructure and protect state information. The initiative should also help New Mexico expand its cybersecurity funding and job market even more.

Select Cybersecurity Careers in New Mexico

Penetration Testers

Pen testers help organizations evaluate cybersecurity systems and practices to prepare for real threats. They test systems for vulnerabilities using simulated cyberattacks and current methods. These professionals often have a bachelor's degree at minimum.

Average Salary for Penetration Testers: $91,800 (March 2023)

Job Outlook in New Mexico (2020-30): Projections Central includes penetration testers in its information security analysts entry. It projects +42.9% job growth for this grouping in New Mexico from 2020-30.

Information Security Engineers

Security engineers develop and implement cybersecurity systems. They work with organizations and groups, like New Mexico's Cybersecurity Planning Committee, to bolster threat detection and defense systems. They often need a bachelor's degree at minimum.

Average Salary for Information Security Engineers: $97,500 (March 2023)

Job Outlook in New Mexico (2020-30): Projections Central includes information security engineers in its information security analysts entry. It projects +42.9% job growth for this grouping in New Mexico from 2020-30.

Computer Systems Analyst

These professionals analyze an organization's computer systems to identify weaknesses and opportunities. They may advise on implementing new functionality to an existing system or oversee a complete redesign. Analysts often need a bachelor's degree at minimum.

Median Salary for Computer Systems Analyst in New Mexico: $99,270 (2021)

Job Outlook in New Mexico (2020-30): +11.4%

The tables below highlight the employment trends for a few other cybersecurity-related fields.

New Mexico Employment Trends

Projected Job Growth for Information Security Analysts, Computer Network Architects, and Software Developers and Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers
Year State National

Information Security Analysts

2020 Employment



2030 Projected Employment



Projected Job Growth, 2020-2030



Computer Network Architects

2018 Employment



2030 Projected Employment



Projected Job Growth, 2018-2028



Software Developers and Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers

2020 Employment



2030 Projected Employment



Projected Job Growth, 2020-2030



Source: Projections Central

Salaries for Cybersecurity and Related Careers, May 2021
Career New Mexico Employment New Mexico Annual Average Wage National Average Wage

Computer and Information Systems Managers



$ 162,930

Computer Hardware Engineers



$ 136,230

Computer Network Architects



$ 120,650

Computer Network Support Specialists



$ 71,350

Computer Programmers



$ 96,650

Computer Systems Analysts



$ 102,210

Information Security Analysts



$ 113,270

Network and Computer Systems Administrators



$ 91,250

Software Developers




Web Developers



$ 81,320

Source: BLS OEWS

New Mexico's employment trends reveal significant growth potential in the IT field. The projected growth rates in the state outpace the national numbers for all three occupations listed. Students who plan to remain in state after graduation should enjoy a wealth of opportunity.

In most cases, New Mexico average annual wages are below the national average. But remember that infosec-heavy metropolitan areas like Washington D.C. may skew the national data.

For many of these roles, New Mexico compensates better than other states, and is on par with the national average wage for web developers.

Cybersecurity Employers in New Mexico

New Mexico Department of Information Technology: The DOIT oversees the state telecommunications system and IT services for many state agencies.

The organization houses two data centers and offers services and technical support across the state. The cybersecurity division oversees much of the state's security policies and procedures.

Sandia National Laboratories: Sandia searches for solutions to national security issues. Their cybersecurity division provides analysis for the most pressing issues. They also research and design new cyberdefense systems and technologies.

Los Alamos National Laboratory: This laboratory also provides research and development solutions for national security problems. Their cybersecurity work aims to predict and solve important national security issues. They also work with and support various industries.

Professional Cybersecurity Organizations in New Mexico

New Mexico Technology Council (NMTC) Cybersecurity Peer Group: The peer group connects local professionals and organizations to share resources and technologies in a fight against cyberthreats. Members have access to information, events, and workforce development programs.

ISACA New Mexico Chapter: ISACA's state chapter unites local cybersecurity professionals in a supportive network. Members take part in meetings to discuss current events and developments. They also have access to events, workshops, and seminars.

New Mexico Cybersecurity Center of Excellence: Located at New Mexico Tech, the NMCCoE is a development center for cybersecurity research. The center aims to give students practical experience opportunities and develop new technologies for state organizations.

CyberReady New Mexico: This state-wide consortium and initiative strives to improve cybersecurity pathways for students and research. CyberReady runs networking events, educational workshops, and advocacy efforts.

Schools With Cybersecurity Degrees in New Mexico

Questions About Cybersecurity in New Mexico

  • Can I get a cybersecurity degree in New Mexico?

    Yes. New Mexico has several schools with cybersecurity programs, including associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs.

  • Are the best cybersecurity schools in New Mexico expensive?

    While postsecondary can be quite expensive in general, New Mexico has some of the lowest tuition rates of any state. According to the NCES, the average tuition cost was $7,393 in 2020-21.

  • Are there cybersecurity jobs in Albuquerque, New Mexico?

    Yes. New Mexico's critical role in national security creates many cybersecurity jobs. For example, the state employs 1.55 information security analysts per 1000 jobs, as per the BLS. With the sixth-highest concentration in the country already, New Mexico could grow that number further after targeting cybersecurity as a key state industry.

  • Is cybersecurity a good career in New Mexico?

    Yes. Along with a high concentration of cybersecurity-related jobs, New Mexico offers some of the highest wages in this field. Prospective cybersecurity professionals have access to top jobs in national laboratories, military organizations, and state agencies.

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